01/27/2015 BioSolar Plans to Lower the Cost of Solar Power with Energy Storage Technology
12/03/2014 BioSolar Sets Record with Low Cost Energy Storage Supercapacitor
10/21/2014 Supercapacitors USA 2014 Conference to Feature BioSolar’s BioSuperCap Technology
09/30/2014 BioSolar Files International Patent for Breakthrough Supercapacitor Technology
09/17/2014 BioSolar Names Nobel Laureate Dr. Alan Heeger and Dr. David Vonlanthen as Scientific Advisors
09/11/2014 BioSolar Teams with UCSB to Develop a Low Cost Supercapacitor for Solar Energy Storage
03/13/2013 BioSolar Receives First Commercial Order
01/23/2013 BioSolar to Benefit from Expected Solar Surge
12/11/2012 BioSolar Drives Down Costs to Meet Growing Solar Industry Demand
09/18/2012 BioSolar Begins Development of EcoBacksheet™

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